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JYT6520II single component coating machine

basic information
According to industry and application:
  ● Excellent performance, relying on, the pressure fluctuation of the work can be small, the glue is continuous, and there is no dead point in the movement process.
  ● With new sealing ring, it has a long service life.
  ● JYT series glue applicator is suitable for manual and automatic gluing in the automotive industry, construction industry and instrument industry.
  ● The product has good adaptability and can be adapted to various viscosity sealants.
  ● It is especially suitable for continuous operation of automatic glue application line. However, if used for glue line, in order to obtain reasonable and adjustable pressure, please use the sealant pressure reducing valve (JYF-1) developed by our company.
  Practical range
  The machine has a high pressure ratio and a large flow rate, and is suitable for various ultra-high viscosity sealants. Mainly used for the coating of automobile windshield sealant (PU glue) and various single-component silicone rubber.
  Technical parameter
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